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The Divine Feminine Path to Rise and Shine with Grace, Freedom and Joy

Welcome Beloved Sister to the Divine Feminine path to Rise and Shine into Greatness with Grace, Freedom and Joy

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A Love Letter to you - You are a Gift

I am so happy and honoured you are here. This is a sacred space where women know that their true essence and presence is a divinely beautiful gift. Women all around the world are being called together to join in Unity to Rise and Shine into their Greatness with Grace, Joy and Freedom. This a sacred place where you can open your heart, be vulnerable, bare your soul & feel safe to be your true powerful beautiful self & speak your truth freely. You are here because you are being called to something far greater within you!

The Loveheart & Soul show is hosted by Caroline-Sakura Douglas and Opens & Expands your Heart, Mind & Consciousness, shifts you to a higher vibration, inspires & empowers you to unlock your Divine Potential to create a reality that you Love.

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Unlock the Divine Feminine secrets to Rise and Shine
Interview with DebOrAh O'Baker, an Educator of the Heart, Heart Centred Mentor & Compassion Educator, Co-Author of the New York Times bestseller, "Teaching Hope" and Author of "Become". She connects heart to heart in beautiful ways beyond words. 



Unlock the True Wisdom of your Body 
During this show, you will learn about the true wisdom of your body and how to tune into your body. You will receive a powerful golden diamond crystalline sound activation that will open & expand your heart and consciousness & shift you to a higher vibration of Love and Unity Consciousness, including 2 live readings and a live call in for questions. 

Unlock the Truth of your Heart 
During this show, you will be guided to connect to your heart and receive a powerful heart activation, including how to tune into your heart, 2 live heart readings with activations and a live call in for questions.