Meet Caroline

Caroline's Soul Purpose is to Empower, Inspire women to RISE and SHINE with GRACE, FREEDOM and Joy. She works with women who have experienced, abuse, trauma, disempowerment and depression and works on a deep level to clear hidden trauma and karmic imprints that stop you from moving forward in your life, from loving, nurturing and cherishing yourself deeply, feeling free, being your true beautiful powerful self, stepping into your sovereignty and aligning with your Soul Purpose.
She experienced many challenges and traumas in her life, which caused bouts of anxiety and depression in her life whilst growing up and as a young adult.  This led her on a long deep sacred journey of self exploration and development where she learned how to open her heart and heal it, heal and clear the core trauma and karmic imprints that stopped her from being free to be her true powerful beautiful self and follow her Soul Purpose with grace, joy and freedom. Clearing your core trauma, karmic imprints, including birth trauma creates a new blueprint for your life to live from your truest essence with joy and freedom and live your purpose. 
She has practiced and trained deeply with several powerful spiritual  teachers to develop her intuitive self, discernment and the skilful art of connecting from her heart to tune into a person's true essence and purpose, creating a deep sacred love, honor and respect for herself and trusting her truest nature has taken time, practice and commitment. She sees that living in vibrational alignment with her inner truths and essence that life is more fulfilling and magical, I am harmonious, joyful and abundant in every way. 
Let me show you how to more fully be what you already are, to love and honor yourself  and express freely the beautiful multi-faceted shining diamond that you are 
She discovered sometime ago that one of her gifts was the ability to tune deeply into people's hearts and see their truth &  channel divine guidance & sacred language of the heart - high vibrational sound and light activations & attunements to open and expand their heart & consciousness and clear trauma and karmic imprints, programs, beliefs DNA and old timelines transcending them to a higher love, truth, integrity and joy. 
She is the creator and host of an online radio show called, The Loveheart & Soul Show, a sacred portal into your heart and soul to expand you into higher consciousness, higher vibrations and your Divine Potential. 
The guidance,  activations, attunements & heart light language that come through during a session with Caroline embody high vibrational energies and LOVE-LIGHT Consciousness and help people move into a higher vibrational reality based on heart-centred being and Unity Consciousness.
While surrendering to her connection to Source energy and the flow of Grace, Caroline brings forth a powerful, alchemical and divine blend of modalities that fuse together to create a unique transformational experience for heart, body and soul. This can lead to changes in life experiences, emotional and relationship healing, physical well-being, higher states of being, create more happiness, love, joy & abundance in all areas of life, as you connect to your deep inner self, the divine essence of you and rediscover your passion, gifts & purpose in life. 
For me my work is not a job, but a fulfilling way of self-expression that allows me to manifest the love I feel for who I am. My work is deep, real, profound, powerful and transformational and transcends you to higher realities. 
Let me meet you in the moment
Let me meet you in the moment with who you are and where you are at. I will be spontaneous, intuitive and deep listening. I seek to listen to you beyond how your self-image listens to yourself, listening beyond the words you use. How do we get more of you to awaken? I will invite you to deeply fall in love with yourself as this is your biggest challenge.
This work never fails to amaze me and I feel honoured to have been called to this path and to be able to assist people on their own journeys towards happiness and wholeness.
The new energies now coming into planet Earth are opening up more ways than ever before to come into your Truth, EXPAND your CONSCIOUSNESS, ACTIVATE your INFINITE POTENTIAL,  shift into higher states of BEING and truly express FREELY  the multi-faceted shining diamond you are.
As my life's journey continues to unfold, I am continually discovering new and deeper ways of working with these ever changing energies. I am truly honoured to share with you, assist, guide & support you on your journey. I invite you to open your heart and align with your highest soul and spirit potential.
With Infinite Love & Light