Business Website Vibrational Alignment Consultancy & Creation Services



Business Website Vibrational Alignment Consultancy & Creation - Bespoke service

Includes, business website vibrational alignment reading, consultancy and creation of a one page website. 

This includes an in-depth vibrational alignment reading to see if it's in alignment with your truth and the services you're providing, which will be a written report giving information on what your website says about you and how to attract more business, including guidance on how you can tweak and refine your website. 

The consultancy includes meeting to discuss your requirements and the best way of working, including what it will involve and the time it will take.

The one page website would include a slideshow of six images and text, images and formatting of your web page for the ultimate optimisation.  

For more information and to book a FREE 20 mins consultancy session to see if the services offered meets your needs and if we can work together, please contact caroline@theloveheartalchemist to arrange a session.