Alchemical Past Life Journeys




Alchemical Past life Regression is a guided deep relaxation process that takes you back into a past life that's most relevant to you. It's a powerful process that can unlock the answers to what you're experiencing in your current life.  The answers to most problems lie within the individual, accessing the unconscious realms allows for this information to emerge and solutions to be found. Journeying into the Past enables you to discover the origin of blocks to success, negative beliefs and patterns that continue to be repeated. Once discovered and dealt with appropriately this can allow for profound insights and moments, where current life issues begin to make sense and problems can be resolved.

Your past lives can reveal deep insights and wisdom on why you are experiencing a particular challenge or behaviour that is repetitive. 

Past life regression is also very powerful in clearing Soul Contracts. If you are experiencing the same challenge over and over again or keep repeating the same behaviour, the answer could lie in the Soul Contract you made in a past life. Every contract begins with a promise which then turns into a contract after repeating it over and over again in your life unconsciously. 

It can also help heal past life trauma, addictions and phobias.