Rise and Shine – Transformational Group Journey

The Rise and Shine with Grace, Freedom & Joy Journey

The Rise and Shine Journey is a deep sacred beautiful 8 week journey that heals and clears the core trauma and karmic imprints in your heart and soul, including from other lifetimes and ancestral lineage. It also opens and expands your heart and clears the core limiting beliefs and vows/contracts you made to keep yourself safe and protected and to keep small. 

It will also connect you to true divine essence, gifts and your purpose and show you how to navigate your life with more grace and ease and master yourself and vibration so that you can create and shift into higher vibrational realities. 

This journey is not for the fainthearted and will require you to go deep within into your heart and soul and clear what's stopping you from truly Rising and Shining with grace, freedom and joy.